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Corbett R. Caudill Chipping Inc.

Buyers and harvesters of standing timber!

Photo Gallery

Caudill Chipping at work Caudill Chipping at work yard loader 191768698 High quality chips 191768699 Log truck and chip truck getting loaded in the woods 191768700 Road put away with BMP (best management practices) seeded and mulched 191768701 skidder dragging wood into landing 191768702 loader sorting logs for grade and species 191768703 trucks hauling wood to the mill 191768704 feller buncher on landing being serviced by mechanics 191768706 chip van being loaded 191768707 felling head being greased by operator 191768708 trimming up logs on the landing 191768709 bad weather called for swamp mat truck road 191768710 dueling loaders feeding chipper and sorting wood and logs 191768711 skidder pulling wood down the skid road 191768712 loader stacking logs on the landing 191768713 cold morning in the woods 191768714 a selective harvested tract 191768715 truck headed to the saw mill 191768716 feller buncher headed back to harvest the timber after getting serviced 191768717 191794390